Dos and Don’ts

Creating this blog has made me realize that there is more that goes into posts than I originally thought. According to Brian Klems’ article, there are quite a few “dos and don’ts” of writing a blog. The dos are somewhat straightforward. Finding my focus while be relatable to the viewers are the most important of the dos. Including images while reposting to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will add to quality and viewership of the blog. One aspect that I did not realize that can make such an impact is responding to comments. This will provide a more personal connection with the readers. The don’ts are also very straight forward. Grammar mistakes, being negative, and setting unrealistic goals definitely will not help. Writing too much can also hurt a blog because most viewers do not want to read too much at once. The one don’t that surprised me was avoiding new things. I have been told to try new things my whole life. When it comes to a blog however, staying consistent is a key component. To make sure I follow these “dos and don’ts” as I continue to post in this blog, I will refer to the article for every post.
In my chosen career field of strategic communications, blogging can be a very useful tool and resource. A business or organization can benefit from blogging because it attracts old and new consumers by using new content. This content can be shared and reposted across multiple social media platforms, further promoting an organization’s brand. Blogging is also interactive with consumers; a business can see which posts get the most views and positive feedback to cater to their customers’ needs. This will increase customer satisfaction while creating a positive brand image which in turn creates positive long-term results.

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