Making Email Simpler

Going through emails can become a huge hassle because the amount of spam and influx of emails that we are sent. Weaving through what emails are important and which ones are not can take a very long time. This can even cause important emails to get “lost” in an inbox. These problems can be avoided with filters.
Filters allow email users to easily find important emails based on the date, sender, subject, etc. I used a filter with the tag “CA 260.” The process was simple and effective. This tool pulled up emails only pertaining to my Digital Writing and Production course.
Emails were created to make communication quick, simple, and professional. An increase in spam and the quantity emails has made the organization of inboxes a time-consuming process. Using filters helps eliminate these issues and ensures that no important emails will get lost in the influx of unnecessary emails.
Being professional in emails is also important in college and professional careers. A professional email should make sure all the necessary information is presented in a clear and concise way. For example, if I was unable to attend a class, this is how I would write the email sent to the professor.
Dr. M. Delwar Hossain,
I will not be able to attend your class on Tuesday, October 8, 2018. I have come down with a stomach virus. Will we be covering anything other than what is outlined on the syllabus or doing any assignments that I will miss? Please notify me if there is anything I need to make up. Thank you for your time.
-Samuel King