Learning Online

Online education is a rapidly increasingly popular way to learn. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have become an e-learning option that individuals can do on their own pace and schedule. https://www.creativebloq.com/web-design/training-online-resources-812225 listed many of the top MOOCs available.
Treehouse would have to personally be my top choice simple because I am a visual learner. With it being video based in its curriculum, I believe this would help students like myself grasp concepts better. Havin the ability to watch another individual demonstrate the lesson would be very beneficial. Students can also go back to the video for reference and clear up any confusions or misunderstandings in their learning process.
If this course were entirely online, I believe it would be beneficial for certain students. It would help students in making a more time convenient schedule based on major, conflicting courses, or personal obligations. A completely online source could also take away from students. Not being able to have a professor in class to answer any questions, or address any questions or concerns is one downfall. However, online courses are becoming more and more interactive, so this could vary form student to student.
The world as a whole is becoming technology based, and education has followed in suite. Many colleges are still fine tuning their online systems and making them more interactive for students. On-campus classes are still the best way to retain and learn new information, but with how fast technology and the world change, colleges could move towards more online courses.

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