Easy Weebly

Weebly is a website builder that is both easy to use and flexible in its use. One of the features that makes Weebly so easy to use is the drag and drop feature. This feature makes it simple to add media such as, pictures, videos, and links. Another element that contributes to the ease of use are the icons on the sidebar. Easy navigation and editing is attainable through this feature.
Setting up a Weebly site is also very simple, straight-forward, and easy. Weebly even walks you through step by step to ensure that your website gets off to a good start. They also explain how to use and navigate through some of the key features. Creating the domain for a website is even simple. Weebly makes creating a website easy and quick. It eliminates programming language and makes all the tools and features user friendly.
I picked a simple theme for my Weebly website. The white background with black features and writing will make the photographs that I post stand out more. This theme is not my final decision yet. I may change it after I see how the website looks with the content that I share.
I am excited to use Weebly to create my website. I am also looking forward to learning more about how maintain and set up a webpage while learning more about Weebly’s features. Weebly will allow me to easily set up a web site and as their slogan says, “Start something.”


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